How to Prepare for Civil Services with Graduation? Best 8 Pros and Cons

Do you want to prepare for Civil Services or other competitive exam while you are pursuing graduation?

We will discuss what are the disadvantages and advantages while preparing for the Civil Services Examination while continuing graduation, as well as we also discuss about how to prepare the Civil Services Examination effectively while continuing your graduation.

 Friends, if your dream to join civil service career and you are looking for resources and materials to prepare for civil services crack the civil service examination with your graduation.

 So you should look at this article about the possibilities to complete your optional or elective subjects of UPSC Civil Services Exam or other competitive examination with your undergraduate subjects. But It is difficult to crack exams while preparing for graduation.

 In This article, we will discuss the best pros and cons of preparing for civil services during your graduation. We will also provide useful suggestions and ideas to best optimize your graduation study time for the Civil Services Examination.

 As we know that the Civil Services Examination is a tough exam , So you need to do hard work. If you are doing such work then it is very good, but while preparing for graduation, you are not able giving your 100% in both graduation and

 Civil service subjects. Because their courses will be rigorous. Although subjects in humanities are less rigorous but they demand a lot of activities from you which can become a hindrance in serious study for UPSC exam. However, if you want to prepare for civil services with graduation course, then keep these points in mind:

  1. Success in civil services is the result of your hard work. If you are not successful in civil services then you need to become obsolete.
  2. A good percentage in graduation can ensure you a better career option apart from civil services. Therefore, you should focus on graduation with the prepare for civil services
  3.  Once you have clarified, you will need to study an elective subject for civil services, which can also be an obstacle in your graduation, so you will need to give priority to graduation.
  4.  If you are not serious about your preparation, you can lose your efforts. Because you are allowed a limited number of attempts for civil services.

 Why and how to prepare for civil services while graduation

 As I have already discussed the reasons that may negatively affect your choice of preparation for civil services during graduation. There are several positive points as well. By using these you can get success in civil service.

  1.  You can create a study cycle among your classmates or hostel mates
  2. Talk to your teachers or counselor about your goal. You can prepare your main exam answers. You should consult your teachers for guidance regarding answer writing.
  3. You can use Library facilities like papers, journals required for preparation.
  4. You need to provide extra time for preparing for Civil Services which will be different from preparation for graduation.

The conclusion

As I have already mentioned that whether or not preparing for civil services during graduation studies is entirely your choice. How to prepare for civil service should depend on your personal style. But the fact is that the preparation of civil studies is a long process. Very few people have passed the exam on the first attempt, so I would advise starting preparing for prelims at the graduation level. Initially start for two hours daily for the preparation of general studies and gradually speed up your preparation. Seating for prelims Exams is not counted as an effort. So you can be on the safe side by opting for the preparation of Civil Service Prelims only.

I hope  through this blog you may know point by point of pros and cons  of prepare for civil services with graduation

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