Top 5 career options for students of new generation

Are you earlier pass out from your 10th or 12th and searching best career options, learn to know Top career options for students of new generation

When we discuss on the definition of career , we find infinitive number of meanings like career is an occupation of human beings undertaken for a significant time or period of human`s life  that provides opportunities for progress in the life. It is not only fixed definition of career. Nowadays we have many options to build a beautiful career but it is big question “What are the more popular career options in this modern generation”.

Top Career Options for students

In this blog I try to pick out few common but popular career options for students of new generation. It is enlisting TOP careers which most popular amongst students. So you just go through this blog and make up your mind for your better career

List of career options for students

Mass Communication:

Mass communication is an exciting career option, for youth of young generation. This option has many opportunity like film making, journalism, advertisement, public relations etc. This course is covering extraordinary communication skill of learner as well as candidates must be hard worker, extrovert nature, creative mind and will power.

Information Technology:

This generation is known as the IT millennium. Nowadays it is not only important only in the corporate world; it becomes effective in every field from education to food processing. In this view, Information Technology (IT) has many opportunities like Software sectors, Hardware sectors, clouding etc, we see the recruitment of IT professionals on everywhere including private to government sectors 


Every person has unique creativity, only need to identify, the career of designing has full of glamour. Nowadays Designers have lots of opportunity in various fields such as textiles as cloth designer, publishing sector for graphic design and more. The student who have full of creative sense may enter in this career to make a career for their passion.

Teaching as Career:

I already explained that a teacher is responsibility person of society who builds the career of any students. Teacher is the first friend of student where student share their problems and teacher tries to solve.  It is one of the best career options. A teacher has many opportunities to become a famous in the subjects through creative mind and interest on relevant subject.


You have already heard that Advertising is the art of reaching out to people the message. Generally we see that the use of advertisement to promote product or service on the world level. So, this sector has many golden opportunities for youth generation

It is not final list of career options for students. We have endless opportunities like KPO/ BPO Sectors, Blogging, Engineering, Accountant, Online Tutors etc. If your dream is not belongs from here then don`t worry but always try to make your career according to your interest and hobbies

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