Quick ways to famous on popular social networking sites

Nowadays we all want to famous on popular social networking sites. Recently I read an article on local newspaper about Social Networking Site. According to this newspaper, almost all Smartphone or internet users are spending approximately 45 minutes/day on Social Networking Sites, because of share knowledge comments on friends post , like  promote business or increase traffic of blogs through social sites; spend free times on Social Sites, Share on thought with comments or posts.
In this view everyone wants to become famous on popular Social Networking sites. No doubt nowadays, social networking sites become part of modern life style and it has many advantage as well as disadvantage, but no one wants to miss any moments without social sites
Increase popularity on social networking sites
 It is a commons issue of how to increase more popularity on social networking site like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc. but why and how, Generally a successful marketing society use their  online popularity in to profit your business and fame. Without link your business with social media a professional never get much success in life Here we will learn few common and simple technique of increase popularity on famous popular social networking sites .
  • You should completely and honestly filled Your profile on social sites for real benefits
  • Update your profile regularly in proper time interval
  • You should maintain no spamming policy for your reputation on social Networking Sites.
  • Join or follow appropriate groups of social sites to connect more and more friends.
  • You should try to share own products or words on comments, tweets and posts on social sites
  • Adding a personal touch with popular members on social media
  • If you are interested to share video then Watch that link of video before you share
  • Sharing informational, Motivational and educational links with your followers or friends.
  • Your Sharing or creativity on social networking sites may be meaningful, effective and user friendly
  • Do not try to misguide to friends or followers by using fake offers of links on your comments or timeline
 In conclusion we can use above tips to increase our popularity on social networking sites. Beyond this, our activity and appearance play important roles, Therefore, instead of using your invalid activity you should try to present yourself as real friend. If you are not interested with your social networking then you can easily reduce your madness from social networking sites as I mentioned on this post.

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