How to Reduce Social Media Sites Addiction

Indeed, social Media sites become part of our daily life. But this madness can affect your daily routine so we need to know about how to reduce our madness from social networking sites.
I am also a good friend of social networking sites. I always like to share, comment and likes of social media, but when I compare my life with the life of a few years ago I realized I am in charge of social sites. In a modern life we have seen that a man can live happily without with but cannot spend a bit of life without social sites, It is based on a survey of internet users. This madness generates many types of inactivity in real world.

Why Social media sites for us?

Social networking sites have become an integral part of modern society, connecting people from all over the world with just a few clicks. There are numerous reasons why social networking sites are popular:

  1. Connecting with others: Social networking sites provide a platform for people to connect with friends, family, colleagues, and even strangers who share similar interests or backgrounds.
  2. Sharing information: Social networking sites allow users to share personal updates, news, photos, and videos with their networks.
  3. Entertainment: Social Media sites often provide entertainment options, such as games, quizzes, and videos.
  4. Business opportunities: Social networking sites can be a valuable tool for networking, job hunting, and promoting businesses.
  5. Educational purposes: Social networking sites can also be used for educational purposes, such as online courses and collaboration on projects.

But, It is truth that everything is possible if you have a positive attitude and thinking and if you want.

Here are few common ideas to reduce our madness.

Tips for reduce attraction of social media sites

Use your weekend with your family and friends

social media sitesDo you spend your weekend with your family and friends? It is a big issue? It plays vital roles in our development. You cannot neglect the importance of them in your life. For this, you should try to join all activity of your family and friends like birthday party, anniversary, etc. if you spend your weekend with your family and friend you get a new freshness after a long time interval, it helps us to reduce you activity in virtual world.

Participate in indoor and outdoor games and sports

No doubt games and sport both are too important to mental and physical development of human beings. But nowadays, young generation is using social sites instead of game and sports. It can damage your creativity and teamwork. Your participation on both game and sports helps in reducing your madness on social sites.

Give the importance of your duty and career

We should never joke with our career and duty. After all, both career and duty are your identity. But you have been seeing that some people are busy on social sites during duty. This activity can stop your progress. You should be alert on your duty and try to inactive on social site during your duty.

Social work is also alternative of social Media sites

Nowadays it is rare to find real social worker while a tone number of followers on social sites for social activity. But fact is, you have seen that many great leaders left their footmarks on history and won the war through social works.

Set your goal of your life

Everyone has a goal for life. But a few numbers of people get success in their goal. This is because they forget their goal on the midway of the journey. It has many reasons. You should try to act on your goal, not active on social sites. Your priority on your goal can help to achieve your success. 
Finally, I want to say that I am not against social networking sites, but access, use may be harmful for you. These are important for modern days, but you should try to use under control with proper priority of your needs

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