5 Benefits of interlinking blog sites within blogger posts

The traffic of your old blog sites are going to down day to day , then what to doing the recover your traffic on old blogs .
Blogging is the arts of presenting new thought or update information in the front of the world. Most of blogger share latest technology, information, news on their blogs but we cannot neglect the important of old blogs. You can use interlinking of blog sites. It is one of the best methods to return on same stage, then what is interlinking it is big question, what are the benefits of interlinking
Internal linking shortly know as Interlinking  is a the technique of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  to build link among blog like net of spiders to  increase traffic of blog or staying time of visitors . in other words we can say that it is the process of connecting one post to another post according to the relevant keywords by using relevant links or sources

Benefits of interlinking of blog sites

We use many important tools in blogging  to increase the number of visitors such as  promote links in social Networking sites , making a strong link (interlinking of blogs ) among blog pages is one of best ways for this purpose. This feature has many benefits. Some important benefits are as given here.
1.  Interlinking helps your visitors to stay for longer period on your blog
2.   This feature also helps to visitor to find relevant information on same blog. For example if you are searching definition of any words. You may know more information about your words by interlinking of blogs 
3. An Internal linking (Interlinking) provides relevant information to visitors or readers on same platform, search engine bots:
4. As a blogger you need to spend little time to make internal linking because it reduce the bounce rates of traffic
5.  When you start linking of your old article with recent post it gives a great opportunity to your older pages / blog too than again the chain continues


If you are interested to use your old page of blog as recent blog then you need to maintain the link of your blog in proper time interval.  This is because Old is gold.

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