Why you love Social Networking Sites in the modern life?

Do you have like to share your knowledge, comments, and likes through Social Networking Sites? I think yes you like that means you are lover of Social media
It is truth that almost internet user love to active in Social Networking Sites to share last activities, knowledge or promote any business plan in modern world
When, we enter in virtual world of modern science. We introduce with new word of communication or society.
It is Social Networking Sites (SNSs).  Where, we can share all type of knowledge with our friends and followers.
Social Networking Sites
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Present days internet world have many popularly Social Networking Sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc. the fact, nowadays visiting networking sites become part of our daily routine including teen to elders till morning to night.
I am sure it is the good and simple way to communication to touch your friends and peers. As my opinion Social Networking Sites are too useful or beneficial if we use these sites in certain ways but it may be harmful if we use in wrong way.
Why Social Networking Sites connect with our daily life?.
It is a big issue, this is why, we are active in social sites, and I tried to explain few common reasons as below.

Reasons  for  love Social Networking Sites

First of all, Networking sites make a simple ways to interact with our closer or the entire world. If your friends live in any corner of this world you can touch on one click of your mouse.
Second feature of Networking sites, we can share our recent activities through picture or video on our profile on these sites. That means we can say that networking sites over internet control our real life activities in this world.
Another reason of love with social sites, easy to touch with customers Most marketers are using social media / Networking sites to develop loyal fans and gain marketplace intelligence
Last is, on the view of promoting our business over the world, these sites provides a wonderful place where you can easily our business door to door. Nowadays we have many example of successful businessman who is using social media to get success.
 If you are an internet user and want to be active in this world then you must need to active in social sites. Indeed you have no much time to chat but your post may proof you appearance.
I am not against social networking but we should never try to leave our real friends. No doubt the popularity of these sites is increasing day to day but your family, friends and society play a vital role in your development and success.

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