Common 3 Problems teenager face today in modern life style

Problems of teenager

Are our teenagers free from problems in modern lifestyle? If no then what type Problems teenager face today.

It is a big question. This is because; Teen-age is an important period for everyone. It is the formative period of life. Good impression in this period leads to good effects to stand in the best platform while bad impressions lead harmful effects in careers.

It is the period when we have many career options to select as well as ambitions and ideals formed. This stage of life teenagers has energy; spirits and the enthusiasm achieve the highest point of life. But unfortunately teenagers are faced with many problems in modern lifestyle. These problems can stop or block the developments of their achievement.

I try to explain Common Problems facing teenagers in modern lifestyle through this article.

This is a small list of Problems teenager face today in modern life style

Generation Gap

Generation Gap is one of the most common problems for a new generation. It referred to the thinking difference between our younger generation and their elders. Generally, we have seen that teenager doesn’t try to follow the right guideline of their teacher and parents during adolescence. They have lots of confusion on ‘does and doesn’t do’. Indeed the gap of generations between elder and teenager is increasing daily. But it is not a complex problem of generation to solve.

Insecurity in society

Everyone wants to spend a beautiful life without and fears, because of fear are our worst enemy. But it is perfect when full security have in society. Every morning we read much shameful news like kidnapping, harassment newspapers. These activities of our society become major problems for our teenagers. They feel insecure and helpless. The whole environment for our average female teenagers is one of the big problems. Our government made and plans for woman security, but these are only like formality.

The angry youth 

Mostly we see that the teenager of modern generation has endless requirements like Smartphone, laptops and more while parents have no capacity to fulfill their requirement. So they ignore their demands, it is genius problems of our teenagers in modern lifestyles. A parent needs to priory their demands, according to their need. As well as our education system need to improve capacity of thinking among the students with the reality of life.

The teenager has many more Problems teenager face today expecting above like aloneness, drug-addiction, Teen Pregnancy, Underage Sex, Child Abuse, Peer-Pressure and Competition., So, Society need to create an atmosphere where teenager spends life without any types of problem

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