How to start blog Smartly without any technical experience [WordPress or Blogger]

 If you want to start blogging but do not have ideas about how to a start blog then you can learn related knowledge about how to start blog without experience in this article.

How to Start Blog

Let us know How to a start blog.

Why blogging?

It is a good question about How to a start blog  by newbie in this field
Blogging is an art. In a blog You can shared your ideas systematically through articles. Nowadays blogging has become a very popular word on the Internet. Everyone has heard about blogging, in this area, millions of people post their opinion every day. but due to lack of proper knowledge, they stop blogging in the middle of journey. If you improve some steps then you can make your blog popular on the Internet as well as make it a source of income.


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How to start blogging?

It is not difficult to start blogging in any subject. But first of all, you need to express ideas in a related subject to start a good blog, which is called a niche. You need to always choose your niche according to your interest and knowledge. It plays a very important role in popularity of any blogging.

How to select Platform for blogging?

The other important thing is that selecting a platform for posting your blog. There are many platforms in the world of internet for blogging, some are paid while some are available free to use. Out of these platforms, WordPress and Blogger are the most popular platform of all the world. About 37% of the blog are made in WordPress. I also have posted my article in Blogger for the first 3 years but due to Limit Scope. I migrated my blog to WordPress. The Migrating of a blog from Blogger to WordPress is very easy.

How to choose a domain name?

A domain name is the address of any blog. It represents your brand . it is also called your blog URL. You should always try to make sure that your domain name is related to your niche , and it is also easy to remember. For example, if your blog writing related to career then you can choose a name like Career Updates. While selecting a domain, You should focus on extensions like [dot] com and co [dot] in.
You can take the domain from many providers like Bluehost , Hostinger Godaddy, etc. Apart from all these domain providers, there are many providers who sell domains very cheaply.

How to make your blog popular?

To make a popular blog, some important things need attention such as always try to reach your blog more and more people. A blogger can take help of social networking site to increase your blog’s traffic; along with this you should have knowledge of SEO tools. We can easily learn how to improve SEO of any blog through practice. You should always try to write an article with the title captivated.

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Your keyword research should have according to your niche. You should use low competitive keywords as much as possible, not only how to start blogging is necessary but also know about how to manage your articles in the blog. At the same time, it is also necessary to know the related technical knowledge.

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How to make money from a blog?

As the traffic in your blog increases, you can use your blog as a source of income. There are many easy ways to get income from the blog, including Adsense and affiliate marketing.
Once your Google Adsense account becomes active then advertising starts coming in your blog. It helps to generate revenue. Along with this, you can sell the product of Flipkart , Clickbank , Amazon in your blog and generate commission from its. You can also earn income by promotion and review of product in your blog.

Avoid during blogging.

Blogging expresses information about you, so try to write a blog briefly.
Write clearly about the subject matter in any article.
I hope that you will have learned about to How to start blog with the help of this article.

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