Top career option after 10th, 12th and Graduation

What are you thinking after 10th, 10+2 and Graduation to make a suitable career options.
career option
You learn the best from your schools and the careers are decided on the last grade at school.
Here you know where to go and have a career not only based on the subjects learnt but also based on the interest that you have.

List of career option after your qualification

1.Software industry and opportunity found here:

This is one of the best careers that you can choose from. The IT industry had a fall for some time in the past; however, it has boomed up again and has let you grab the opportunities that are high in this area.

2.Commerce based career option

You can also get into the banking sector where you have the opportunity of being a banker or an accountant. Also, the Company secretary course is a better choice after 10+2, which would make you the authorized signatory to advice the board of directors on the day to day business of the company as per the company’s laws.

3.Management as career option

Management is one prime criteria of the business. There are a lot of opportunities in this field. The course in Master of Administration will give you the right base for this career.

4.Law, a better choice for people after 12th

The passion towards law would make you to grow in this profession. There is a requirement of many such lawyers to fight the cases that require utmost intensity of law. You can be one by choosing this profession and leading the highly respected life in the society.
They are paid really well and are in high demand. So, this would be the best profession for the ones who are looking into the above said recognition.

5.Medical career

The demand for the career in the medical field goes without saying. This field is very competitive and has a lot of scope for people who want to make it big. There is heavy demand in this career as it is one of the respectful and highly paid jobs.

6.Career Option in Engineering

It is seen that the field of engineering has been in demand from a very long time and there has been no much drop found in the demand for this career.
You have various aspects of field that you can excel in, like mechanical, automobile, electrical etc. This means that you have more options to choose from.

7.Public service commission

The public service commission exam has to be written to get into any of the government jobs. You could write the IAS exam to become a collector or a railway exam and to work for the railways.
There are lots of options in this field and they would give you not only a security of job, but also the security after you are retired.
You get special requests in hospitals with different options for you to get the medical facilities at lower rates.
The above mentioned careers are those which you could option for based on your interest and also the passion towards the same.
Hence, it is your decision to do what you want to do with the right base chosen.


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