What is Mass Communication? Career in Mass Communication

Introduction of Mass Communication

Mass Communication is the mediums to connect with the world. Presently we have seen amazing and unprecedented change, breaking the physical limitations of technology in the whole world  I think that it is the great gift of Education and Careers in the field of communication in terms. 

Mass Communications

The meaning of Mass communication means not only field of journalism. It is the a fact of modern humans to involved yourself with all areas of life and associated with past of life. After introducing technology in this field the area of has undergone major changes. Today it becomes a most popular area to youngster I hope, most of person who involved in this field has Satisfaction and creative to provide

Phased process for Mass communication

Not need to a long list of qualifications in Mass communication. You can enter in this field through Bachelor or Master Degree in communication or Journalism. Only degrees are not sufficient for this job. We should frank in all field of communication like listening and speaking capacity. Nowadays many personal who are belong in Mass communication used own blog and earning lot of money.

Why it is the right career?

Like engineering and medical, mass communication is too popular these days. It helps to improve your self-inspection and creativity. Another important things for this career option is , it is low fee structure than other courses.

How much will it cost?

The fee structure and Tuition fees are depends on collage and institutions if you want to enroll graduate level courses as institute an annual fee of 60,000 ( $1000 ) to Rs 2,00,000 /- ( $3340 ) and   fee structure of Post – Graduate course costs Rs 1, 00,000 ( $ 1500 ) from 40,0000 ($6700)

Employment Opportunities

Mass communication offers various places to emplacement such as film and television, journalism, editing, film – making , publishing, public – contact, script  in writing and production, etc. Some of Different roles and designation for this field that offers for Graduate and Post Graduate offers the following term can be:

Fashion photographer

Film director

TV Correspondent


Radio Jockey / RJ

Screenplay – Writer

Sound engineer

Sound mixer / sound records

Special Correspondent

Video Jockey

Art Director


Event Manager

Pay scale

The pay scale of person is belonging in this fields as teacher, chorographer etc. But sometime salary package depends on your performance and creatively the students who began attends in professional of communication 12 , 000 to 25,000 monthly , They may gets 50,000 after five years experience,  can go to a million

Leading companies in Indian and aboard

1. Hindustan Times Group of Publications

2. NDTV Network

3. Zee TV Network

4. Times of India Publications Group

5. Aikom

6. BBC

7. TV 18

8. Big Entertainment and more

Leading Institute in India

1. AJK Mass – Communication Research Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi

2. Indian institute of mass communication, New Delhi

3. Asian College of Journalism, Chennai

4. Makhanlal Chaturvedi National University of Journalism, Bhopal

5. Symbiosis Institute of Mass – Communication, Pune

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