Super 6 ideas to personality development and communication skills

personality development and communication skills have become an important part of some job oriented and vocational courses. Interested candidates are rushing towards these courses and spending their fortune on it. But honestly speaking it is true that among those candidates most of them are not even aware about what exactly personality development means and what is the role of it in our personal and professional lives. So let’s clear it.

personality development and communication skillsAccording to Oxford Advance Learner Dictionary ‘personality means the various aspects of a person’s character that combine to make them different from other people.’ The Cambridge international Dictionary of English says, ‘one’s personality is the type of person one is which is shown by the way one behaves, feels, and thinks.’ It means it can be said that personality is the whole nature of a person. Now it is quite clear that what does the development of personality mean and why it is so important to get success in life. But how can we develop our nature which is natural. Let’s find the answer.

By focusing on the following 6 points we can improve our personality development and communication skills

Social Etiquette for personality development and communication skills:

Social etiquette mean the correct and polite behavior in the society. It plays a vital role in personality development and communication skills While being in the society among the people we don’t bother caring about several activities which we do unknowingly, but it is a must to be careful about those things.

Like cover our mouth while yawning, cover your nose while sneezing and say sorry then and there, burp and belch always produce irritating sounds, so be careful about it. Some people have bad habits to scratch and itch their body parts unnecessarily even in the public, digging nose is really irritating. Similarly cracking and twisting fingers emit awkward sounds. Keeping these small but important parts of our behavior we can keep ourselves away from creating a bad impression on others.

Confidence more than word power:

It is said that a confident person can achieve something which sometimes an experienced one can’t .So develop confidence in yourself by removing fear from your mind and improve leadership skill. For that first of all you should have aggression for doing good deed and against anything wrong.

Public speaking help to motivate:

A quality is worthless if it is within. So whatever good you have, tried do share it and spread it by expressing yourself in the public.

Presentation skill improve your quality: 

A good presentation mostly depends upon three things, i.e. confidence, knowledge and practice, free from the worst fear. So improve it.

Appearance make perfect presentation:

It is said that handsome is what handsome does. Sometimes a good looking person is not liked by other people because of their wrong behaviors so make yourself good looking by your actions and not by artificial cosmetics.

Control over sense organs: 

All the qualities mentioned above completely depend upon our sense organs because our body and mind are controlled by our sense organs. We can’t do all these things if we don’t concentrate properly. So keep yourself physically and mentally fit by practicing some physical and mental exercises like yoga, pranayama and meditation.

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