5 Super Methods of Increasing Thinking Skills

Albert Einstein has said “Imagination is more important than knowledge” whereas your imagination depends on capacity to Increasing Thinking Skills and your thinking ability . If you have positive thinking then you can tough the sky while if you have negative thinking  then your life is full of fear which is your worst enemy  
Increasing Thinking SkillsThinking is something which comes from your inside and not by copying someone’s quality or idea very truly there is no any technique or way that can help you. But yes if you want to improve your thinking ability then we may help you by give only some suggestions as it is going to be mention below 

Lists of Methods for capacity to Increasing Thinking Skills

1)  One of the basic things is to do meditation which can help you to keep yourself calm and relax, because in 21stcentury we have everything but we don’t have peace that really we need. Just because of it the quality that god has given equal to us we are destroying it ourselves cause we have diverted our mind in those places where it is not required at all .so, we should do meditation at least for 10 minutes every day so that you can get inside yourself spiritually and can find you yourself.
2)  You have to be curious regard what you learn from your society and the new things on new generation you must have good question to know about what all you are taking or doing because until you will be aware of it, you will be confused day by day your confusion will take the huge shape that will be extreme difficult to clear up at a time so .
it’ll be better if always be curious or hasty to know the new things then it is so obvious that you can think about it deeply. What you learn, study and read just try to the proper concept of these because sometime what happens you learn something and the apply something else lack of clear conception.
3)    Whatever you get from wherever try to understand it practically because practical knowledge is more important than theoretical knowledge because the whole world is believed only on practical logic. And that can Increasing Thinking Skills. It Shall be also easy for you to make everyone understand.
4)   To improve you thinking ability you must be aware what is happening in the world so that is why you must stay connected with these through different sources like reading newspaper, watching news and so on, try to collect the every kind of information from all concern places. Be used to read different kind of books, novels, magazines and so on and differentiate their depths of thinking then implement these thinking qualities and feel how much creative you can be.
5) If you really want to improve you thinking ability then you must be depression free because your brain get contract during that time and even you want to but every time you’ll be failed because psychologically if we discuss we’ll get the conclusion that the person who is tension free he thinks more effective and well compare to tensed one.
So, friends it is one of the reasons that can be an obstacle in your line of thought. These methods surely help you to Increasing Thinking Skills.

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