Best Ideas to Time Management at Examination

We have many tensions of Time Management for covering the syllabus, revision, and notes preparation during the examination.  In this article will learn how to manage our time during the examination as well as we will try to understand the best ways to save our time during examination
Time managment

Knowing the tests better:

Anybody and everybody has their own ‘stigma’ towards the word ‘exams’. It could be due to the fact that they feel they would be unable to answer the questions within the time given. Time management looks to be one of the toughest tasks in writing the exam, however, with the apt concentration done on some of the important points it would be an ‘easy nut to crack’. Every aspect requires a set of preparation and hence, prepare well, rest will follow you automatically. Reading and understanding the concepts, keeping a record of the seminars and projects, all these will be very useful during the time of the exams.

The measurement of Time Management

You can measure time Management based on the relevant proportion of queries and that is done with a thorough glance on the question paper. You have to decide which one you want to attempt first as you are the one who is going to pen it down. So decide based on your ‘ease’ approach towards the answers.
First and foremost, you have to understand that the examiner would set a question paper that can be very well completed even before the given time. How you analyze the time and put in your best to answer the queries depends on time management which has to be done beforehand. This is done with the right kind of planning before the exam. There are certain points that need to be kept in mind.

The steps for time management during the exams.

1.     Understand the reason why you are writing the exam. For this, you will have to analyze the number of questions in the paper and accordingly fix the time for each question
2.     Once you do that, start reading the questions carefully and writing answers to those which you would know it better than the others. This builds the self-confidence  in answering the others which you would feel is hard to attempt.
3.     One tip before attending the exam would be to practice writing. The writing should be with a good speed so that the same would be imbibed in the test.
4.     Run through the question paper for at least ten minutes out of the time given in order to write faster and also ‘to the point’. This helps you relax in the first part of the exam and write better.
5.     Read what the question wants and answer it with the information relating to the query. This way you would not lose time explaining more in the introduction. You also save more time for other questions.
6.     Plan your answers well and then write it clearly. The practice is done before the exam will come to your rescue now. It will allow you to write as per the plan and complete them within the specified period.
7.     You could finish the questions that have more marks so that you don’t miss out on them.
8.     Where you have the objective questions to be answered read them first clearly and understand what it talks about and then select the answers accordingly.
On the whole ‘exams are easy’ would be the statement which you would use if you follow the above-mentioned steps.

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