How to prepare all subjects for examination

We can not crack any interview of examination without prepare all subjects !
Most of student who is going to appear on secondary or Higher Secondary Examination, learners and competitors have a common habits or nature only focus on interested subject like Mathematics. Science etc and neglect the preparation of worst subjects like History, Language and social Science. But I want to alert that these subjects are not worst subjects. All subjects are equal importance and valuable to crack any examination. You should focus on all subjects equally to get good grade and big score.
How to prepare all subjects

It is universal truth that perfect preparation of examination and knowledge of how to prepare all subjects help you toward too close of your Goal. Several times I have seen many misconception and superstition among person who are preparing examination. It can reduce you manipulation on preparation that can affect your result.

Now I share few common points to prepare all subjects

Practice with the concept in every subject

You need to prepare on the basic concept of science subject, it brings to better score in examinations. Practice helps to increase your memory booster and Chances of success. In chemistry, you need to specially focus on chemical reactions and chemical bonding. Similarly work on biology.  Practice and revision are the best option for Mathematics as well as always highlight the formulas of Math and other subjects need to read with discussion in group. As student you should need live and read in stress free environment. Besides the study books, you can use question bank of previous years question and solve to model set of experts.

Importance of Examination pattern and syllabus

Knowledge of Examination pattern and syllabus is the most important for all students. It help student to understand about number of question, types of question and marks carry by question numbers.  Examination pattern guide us about how to split time into requirements. According to my personal experience, if student cleared the pattern of examination and covered all syllabuses then they can easily achieve big score.

Last Month Reviews

At the last month of examination, students need to take care on health and take balance diet, they never try to compromise with sleep and avoid the use of electric gadgets like calculator to calculation, and you must to attend last 5 to 10 years Test papers themselves

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