Reality of personality or personality Development

When, you post the keyword how to increase personality development in Google search box. You will get millions of result in micro second. It may be helpful for you to develop your personality. But before starting work on how to develop you need to know about personality. It has various meaning. I am giving few of them here

What is personality?

Personality is the dynamic activities of human beings that help to develop our psycho, mental and physical systems.


Real Personality , Personality development
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It also determines our characters, behavior and mental thought according to our environment and situation. Personality is not only physical properties of human being. It also provides knowledge and ideas about how to behavior in society at any condition. A person is not complete from born. He / She learn and take good personality to succeed from environment or community. 

Roman meaning of Personality Development

No doubt! Personality is associated with beauty to see but it is not fully fact. The word personality derived from Latin word persona that meaning playing different role by one body. A good personality has art of representing their act on the front of word 

The basic needs for a good personality

If you think that you need a long listed requirement to be a great personality than it is absolutely wrong. Only Positive Attitude, self confidence and positive thinking are sufficient for develop a great personality. We have lots of example of personality who is not beautiful but attractive the millions of audience through the great personality.  After all a positive feeling helps to develop honestly on duty and nature.
Considering personality should react in front of us because every person is unique in this world. We should respect every type of personality and their personality develop should constantly strive to as
So, it is power of personality that help to select good career option like social workers, teachers etc and right path for life . it helps to achieve a great goal in life , because every success is directly linked with your personality .
“Personality in human is just like fragrance in flower.”


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