Best 6 Top things What student wants from teacher

 It is true that student life is the best part of life and teachers play an important role in this life. Generally, the student wants from teacher. There is a lot of learning done during this period and the student has many expectations from the teacher, her or his teaching, and finally the approach of the teacher. This profession helps us to build a beautiful nation.

Therefore some of the expectations of the students are here mentioned below:

 student wants from teacher

Being balanced in the ‘diet’ of teaching:

Teachers need to keep the balance ‘cool’ between the strictness and the positivity in their approach towards the same. Students sure are to make mistakes and try to commit blunders which are not pleasing at times. During these scenarios, teachers should understand the situation and execute the task of making the students know about the factors intact which will help in resolving issues eventually created.

Knowing the facts of teaching that student wants from teacher :

Students look upon the ‘personality‘ of their teachers. Hence, teachers need to have complete knowledge about the subject that they teach. In other words, teachers have to do their ‘Home Work’ on the subject aptly. If there is some reason for which they are not ‘coding’ the phrases of the subject right, the students will have their stand of thought and would not follow the subject.

Be nice and happy along with the loud voice:

The teachers have to speak loud and clear. This makes the students listen and understand much clearly. It is an indication to the children that the teacher is very confident in explaining things about the subject. Apart from this attribute, the teacher has to ‘smile’ at the students while reading out something or teaching. It gives a feeling that the teacher is no longer a stranger and could be approached for any doubts. ‘Frowning’ in the class will coax the student to hate the subject taught by the person with this attitude. The ‘so-called ‘difficult subjects like mathematic become even harder to learn if the teacher has not got a friendly approach.

Portion completion is not the only motto of teaching:

Hurrying to complete the portions of the subject the teacher teaches is another wrong approach of teachers. Teachers have to explain things in a proper way to the students as they have to imbibe what the teacher is teaching. You, as a teacher have to go slow on it as it is for the first time the student is hearing the subject even though for you, it would have been the tenth time that you are explaining things.

Creativity creating wonders:

Children or students always want change and as we all know that ‘change is constant’, the same rule applies in the field of teaching. You will see a fifty-year-old teacher nodding her head along with the children when she is teaching them rhymes. That is the way of enthusiasm required in teaching. Loving the task that you are doing is very important and you have to be passionate when it comes to the work you do. This would be required in larger quantities in the case of the job of teaching.
Apart from all the above requirements, the student needs only one thing, which is being close to her or him when she or he shatters during failure. Encouragement is a ‘weapon’ that transforms a dull student to discover her or his hidden intellectual power!

Help to stand in the world

Now we see that the world is full of competition. No one get success without standing any competition. A teacher must focus on how to manage time of student during the study as well as she/ he should guide on the preparation of any examination. Without a proper guide, a student may lose their goal.
 Through this article I try to share few  points to present  , what does student wants from teacher?

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