Career in Teaching the best man making machine

Why Career in Teaching like a man making machine

Making a career in teaching is not an easy task because  A teacher is a responsible person who towards the child of his parents is more than that. It is fact that only the education system does not assume the activity of teaching the child in school. Everyone knows that it is difficult to start a Career in Teaching but a teacher takes moral values of life.

Whether you want to start teaching at the school level or college level career options , you need to adopt the necessary exchange of ideas, knowledge and feeling. It should be capable of providing a good career option. As a school teacher, you need to set the minds of children to educate them on the other students in the School or college environment and keep your views and thought as friendly exchange with them on the intellectual level

In this technical world, we have many opportunities to become famous in the subjects through online or offline education. In this age of the Internet, students and learners need more than the amount of information available. Therefore certainly the demand for teachers is increasing. Some schools already started teaching by providing virtual classrooms through the internet.

The Phased process to become a teacher

It has a very simple process of adopting a career in teaching as the best option.  After graduation, You can enroll in a Bachelor’s degree in education ( B.Ed.). It can be achieved in a school teacher’s position, B Ed course in prospective teachers the theoretical, experimental, and analytical capability has been designed to develop educational methods. Another way is to enter the teaching field after 12th and join the basic teaching training, Diploma in elementary education for primary teachers.

Many colleges also offer Bed courses. Some of them also offer distance education to students.

Details for IGNOU  B.Ed courses, Eligibility,  Course Fee etc 

The best B.Ed colleges in India for distance education in India:

Indira Gandhi National Open University New Delhi (IGNOU)

Nalanda Open University and many institutions offer regular education for Bed.

Entrance exams or CAT (Common Aptitude Test) for admission is in these colleges. You have to go through an interview.

How much will it cost to complete Teaching training?

Bed (Bachelor in Education) course will cost between 30,000 INR and 1,00,000 INR fewer fees, although some university courses are also.

Employment Opportunities

Teachers are good employment opportunities in the present generation. The opportunity does not limit in a theoretical paper, it is the best option for technicians in practical papers.



The scale is good government, schools, reputed private schools, and colleges. It may be approx 20,000 to 25,000 easily.


I saw many students have Positive or Negative Aspects in this profession but, Most important things that you get a chance to change this world. Teacher professions have big markets. Some of India’s leading place for recruits the teachers

KVS (Central Board Secondary Education syllabus)

State Government or Municipal Corporation

The University Grants Commission (UGC)

All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)

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