What is the right Qualities for your career plan and why?

Your career plan
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It is a common question to all fresher or employers who are working any company , what is your career plan. Many of us are enthusiastic, hard worker, self-working, creative minded, optimistic, keeping hope and having the ability to do one or multiple tasks simultaneously the best career options for life. But right path of your career depends of your interest Such as you are creative then advertising sector it can be to you. Similarly you can select other fields like Teaching, Fashion Choreography etc to display your talents  and ability . The right career is an essential skill for those who understand the needs of the world. It is helpful in deciding on basis of your environment. Most of Training institute in these fields of your right career tend to develop these qualities in the applicant –

List of few Qualities for your career plan 

1. Communicate and conversion effectively
2. Presentation and Management
3. The ability to work in individually or groups and to provide the leadership
4. Stress and situation Management
5. Monitoring capability
6. Confidence and talents to handle situation
7. The competitive ability and skill
Various national and international companies’ offers good scope of educationally qualified and experienced manpower. They are always required. However, the fastest growing occupations over the qualifications of the individual creativity or team creativity and the ability to constantly innovate are preferred for right path of careers.
When we selecting career path we have confusion on Positive / Negative Aspects about options as below
Positive &Negative
1. Challenging and  Satisfied on jobs
2. Thought on Working nature with high salaries based Incentives
3. Try to increase creativity
1. We thought about secure position in company
2. Vertical high tension and pressure;
All above discussion we need to select right career option according to your financial, economical and social status.

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