Make Your Career in Advertising

Introduction about Career in Advertising

The ads on the right side were larger than that of smaller objects” – Mark Twain. It is fact that Advertising is the art of reaching out to people the message. Generally, we use advertising to promote product service or make people aware of social issues, increaseCareer in advertisement business. Many industries have an advertisement department. But one of the leading departments in today is the corporate environment that enables the industry to compete and flexible. The world advertising industry is now set on the path of progress in the next few years. It provides an environment of employment to thousands of youth.
Advertising agencies of the present world are always looking for talented and expert people are fundamental and working with the group to present their independent views.

· Phased process of a career in Advertisement

Advertisement companies have different stages and phases of their portfolios individually people are engaging educational background and experience.
The minimum qualification to Masters in Advertising is graduation in any discipline with 50 percent marks. Most institutions conduct entrance examinations, interviews or both are required to pass. Some institutions also offer graduate-level training in the advertising section, for enroll in graduation level the applicant is required to pass the class 12th in any stream.
For fresher,
You must have a diploma or professional degree in a particular field. In addition, strong communications, grip and high-level dialogue on language ability. It plays an important role in creating and raising the legend on this region.
Course list for entering an Advertisement field.
There is the various course for employment in a particular department of the advertisement company, you can choose a course of the following –
(A) Customer service – Post Graduation Diploma or MBA in Marketing
(B) Media – Journalism, Mass Communication or MBA
(C) Finance – CA, ICWA or MBA (Finance)
(D) Film – Audio – visual expertise
(E) Production – Prepress and printing process in the course
After completing one of the above courses, you need to joint training. It is the best way to enter the field of advertising –
· Debut about a career in Advertisement
On Doubt, You must be creative. This creativity can be in any form as your interest such as ability to communicate, innovative ideas.
How much will it cost me?
Money Institute of Communication, Ahmadabad, institutions such as the annual fee is Rs 1, 00,000, but anything less or more than the fees at public and private institutions.
· Scholarship
The scholarship is not too difficult to obtain. Most scholarships are awarded on the basis of outstanding academic performance and entrance examinations.

Employment Opportunities

There are many employment opportunities in the field of advertising – from private advertising companies to large public and private companies in the advertising department. These are magazines, radio, newspapers, and television departments of the business, the Market Research Company, etc., Some more options are Advertising Manager, Sales Manager, Public Relations, the Director, the Director of Creative, Copy Writer and the Director of Marketing etc.

 Pay scale

The pay scale of advertisement companies depending on their turnover. Sometimes it depends on performance of employments
Creative for Advertisement Company: It has a Creative team like Copy Writer, Script Writer, Visualize, creative director, photographer, typographer, animators, etc. are covered. The department is creating real ad in various media formats.
List of leading Advertisement companies India and aboard
Ogilvy and calotropis Limited and Mudra Communications Limited.

Some of the leading institutes to join advertisement course in India

1. Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Aruna Asaf Ali Marg, Jeanyu, New Campus, New Delhi – 110067, (
2. Narsi Monji Institute of Management Studies, VL Mehta Road, Vile Parle (W), Mumbai-400056, Maharashtra (www.
3. Javier Institute of Communication, College of St. Javier, 5, BBMP Marg, Mumbai-400001, Maharashtra (
4. Simboyasis Institute of Media Communication, Pune (
5. Money Institute of Communication, Shela, Ahmedabad – 380007, Gujarat (

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