6 top ways to make money online without investment

Dear friends, do you know that make money online is the most popular keyword in search engine?

Nowadays, Earning money in your spare time through online is not a tough work, if you want.  We see that a large number of people search the keyword ‘How to make money online ‘but few of them get success to find actual place to earn money. We waste our time and energy as well confidence level on wrong path. 

I already told that I also try many ways to make money online. Now I am earning couple of dollars every month through various ways of online. I know it is not an easy way for newbie or person who has no knowledge on how to make money but everything is possible if you have positive thinking and right choiceWays to make money online

List of options to make money online

Here I am sharing a list of top 6 ways to make money without invest your precious time 


I strongly recommended freelance work first to make money online, this is because it is something you can start anytime without any investment. It is truth that it takes time beyond writing but help to skill development and you can select freelance platform according to your educational background such as Elance, Textbroker , Upwork ,Fiverr , 99Designs etc.

  Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing means selling any product or services. It has more scopes due to increase online shopping environment. We have thousands of online merchant that provides opportunity to earning money through commission on every sale such as Flipkart, Amazon, EBay , Clickbank ,Commission Junction 

 Content Revenue Sharing

Your imagination thoughts, idea are too precious if you use your knowledge on perfect place. When we post any content on authority sites that already have stream of traffic, it returns revenue for your content. There are hundreds of revenue share sites to earn money from content but few of them have good traffic like Squidoo , Hubpages ,Yahoo Contributor, Best Reviewer 

Question and Answer

Everyday millions of internet user search answers of their question on interview. Many student, learner uses internet to solve assignment, homework, personal problems in hurry. So, they turn to popular answer sites to find answer what they need. If you have capacity to answer the problems of particular field then you can make money by answering questions. I earned lots of money in this way like JustAnswer , LivePerson, Webanswer , Ether etc.

PPC Marketing or Ad network

PPC means Pay-Per- Click. If you are owner of your own blog or website and want to monetize PPC Marketing then you need to use PPC Network to start revenue from your blog or sites. PPC works on traffic and keywords on your sites or blogs. A blogger use many tools in blogs or websites to increase the visitors on blogs because of increasing the traffic to earn money by PPC marketing Networks. Example of few PPC Marketing or Ad network like Google Adsense ,Facebook Ads ,Amazon Product Ads , Chitika , Infolinks , Bidvertiser etc.


I already explained about blogging on ‘blogging as career option in part or full time. It is one of the best ways to make money online without investment. This is because; blogging is the combination of Affiliate Marketing, Content Revenue Sharing, PPC Marketing or Ad network etc. Before you begin to start blogging you must choose a topic, niche that helps to make money from blogging. I recommended you to do same blogging platform WordPress ,Joomla ,Blogger , Weebly etc

So these 6 ways can provide a perfect platform for your query ‘how to earn money online” but earning depends on your time management and interested. We have many examples of person who makes millions but every input has no same output depends of person. Place or things

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social vishal

social vishal

Online money is not a tough deal to crack. Patience and consistency are required to achieve the goal