How I entered in money world of internet with great hope

Everyone wants to earn some extra money after his/her real work. I am also interested to enter in money world.

Why money world of internet not easy?

But it is a hard work for newbie, especially internet. I always heard about many people earning money from internet. But I never meet any person who earned in money world. I was also excited to earn money. When, I entered in the world of internet. I never thought to earn money. I always use internet to touch in my friends through social networking sites. 
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Earlier days I have no much idea about how to earn money. I started my journey of earning money through internet from Indian sites Viewbestads (pay for view advertisement) but Presently  it is not available on internet world , It is shortly called VBA.  I did not earn much money about $20 – $30 from VBA. But payment is most important for all employees. I am giving thanks to CEO of VBA who fulfills my dream of earning. You can visit VBA to know how to work ads Views Company  
After few months, I decided to contribute on forum which is related to education. Because of forum / Discuss are the most important place to reduce hesitation or doubts in mind. In this purpose I started work on spiders groups. First I worked on ISC the short form of IndianStudyChannel (Presently ) after gaining few months experience. I register other sister sites of Spiders group. These sites have good concept of earning while learning. I mentioned profile of all sites below Profiles of my starting sites ISC Profile and  DotNet forum Profile . I also contribute in teaching sites approximately since two years and earned much money about $2500
Presently I am contributing on many blog as Guest contributor. I have also experience of Bubblews Profile (International Brand for short blog) I earned sufficient money of my labors form here. Bubblews is the roots of my blogging. But Now Bubblews had already shout down
All of above source of income properly work for Indian users and international users. After working I realized it is not tough work to earn money from internet which is known as money world, only you need to concentrate your mind and honest.
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Now I decided to write own blog to share my thought, feeling and knowledge with others which is based on education and career

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