Concept Mapping Method to improve your teaching skill

Nowadays we applied a large number of experiments in our education system. Our New Education Policy  2020 has introduced  Concept Mapping ,   a new method of teaching.

The modern education system has improved in many ways, with the help of which the level of education has improved; today we have many types of digital content which we can use for teaching work such as making slides, project preparation, smart classroom etc. Concepts mapping is one of them.

With the help of the article, we will know about

  • What is concept mapping?
  • How is it used?
  • What is the purpose of Concept mapping, method of preparing and its benefits with the necessary ingredients?

What is concept mapping?

There are many chapters of the syllabus which are very large and not easy to remember like science, mathematics, geography etc.

Students cannot even remember these topics anyway, the purpose of education is not to make a parrot but to make it genius. The meaning of long and silly lessons can be easily embedded in your mind through concept mapping.

This method is actually a framework and not only is innovation but also a personalized learning framework for students which is the best tool for revision, concept mapping has many benefits which are as follows

  •  Improve learning effectiveness
  •  Self-learning environment in the classroom
  • Improvement in the level of interest towards teachers’ education

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Most important things  student wants from teacher   

Purpose of concept mapping

Concept mapping is the main objective for students to understand the subject, which is made very simple by this process.

The effect of this is seen in the first impression on the student, the reason is that the students are attracted to the things that they find attractive, due to which they try to read and understand them.

Concept mapping materials and timeframes to understand the students, what can be used in concept mapping like chart paper A4 size paper, students copy, blackboard etc. It takes about 30-45 minutes.

Preparation Method of Concept Mapping

In this, the syllabus of any subject is presented by the teacher to the students by the method of graphic representation, for this, you can create a graph based on the content with the use of digital tools or can also create a slide presentation.

Any teacher uses the syllabus or appropriate pictures to point the syllabus of any subject, the syllabus becomes effective and students can understand it easily.


Students understand the text of all subjects in a simple, effective and effective way

  • Let’s also learn about digital devices
  • This innovation is beneficial for the complete study.
  • The learning rate of the students can be increased and the knowledge and understanding of the student can be made permanent and effective.

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