What is depression? How to overcome from depression or hypertension


What is depression?

Are you free from fear of tension in real life if not then you are in the cage of depression or hypertension. Nowadays we have lots of example with a maximum number of suffering from these issues, especially youth because of their stress. Sometime it has been seen that youth commit a suicide after getting depression.
I have already explained many examples to present proof, now I decide to write my blog to discuss on the techniques to overcome depression or hypertension.

Cause of depression

1)              Maximum number of youth they want to achieve their goal in less time, and unfortunately they failed to get success, they get depressed and because of this they cannot perform well as they can due to stress.
2)              Sometimes we have seen that students they make their plan whether for banking or for any other sector ,but they don’t want to take much time for their career , they try once , twice and when they cannot crack the entrance examination then they give up and finally it is cause of their failure.
3)              There is rumour among people that they think success means to earn only money. But they are not aware of it that to earn at some extent is a part of life or you can say that just to survive. On the other side due to family pressure related to money or earning we feel too depression.

True yardsticks to overcome from depression

1.    In our life really sometimes we feel bore or fed up because of the consistently of doing the same work. You know friends that there are many ways to overcome from these things like if you make your hobby as a profession , you’ll enjoy as well you won’t feel bore or irritating from your job . Because somewhere if you’ll enjoy the work that you have most interesting thing you can perform much more better compare to other.
2.    Nowadays students feel study as a burden; even they are not interested to study at all. There is one the reasons is madness of electronic gadgets because in modern era everyone is surrounded by these gadget on one side it is useful but on the other side if it is not used in proper way then it is a threat for us and being a cause of depression.
Even students they do not want to go to playground to play outdoor games instead of it in their leisure time they get busy with that.
The main thing is if we do not involve in physical activities then our body unable to get enough amount oxygen and due to this they cannot face challenges. This is the big reason for all this.
3.    As we all know that if we will be habituated of meditation it can give a great stress free moments for everyone but because of our busy schedule we do not have time to do often they give these suggestions to other to do meditation but they never improvise these on themselves. So, dear friends go for it if you want a stress free and comfortable life.

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