Top 10 Art and style of writing articles

Top 10 tips Writing articles
It is truism that your writing skill explain your personality. It is an art of arranging any timeline or chronology. Writing articles or paragraph becomes more important when you want to appear any competitive examination. Almost all competition examinations attach few topics of articles.
According to Oxford dictionary, Articles are as the superb form of literacy composition. It has nature to explain  on a particular subject  while according to famous writer Ben Johnson  Articles or paragraph  are the point of charming any personality  through self expressions .
When we think about any article immediately reminded the great personality or latest topics. But writing article for any competitive examination is totally difference from another article. It depends upon what the recruiter or examiner want. Almost they want perfect approach and precise nature on the title of article.
Naturally the reader interested to knowing guideline and style of writing as well as they also want a balanced articles while candidate want much score for writing articles

Few useful tips for get much score to Writing articles

  1. When you start to write any article you need to select your title very carefully whereas competitors can select any article according to knowledge if option available.
  2. You must scratch a draft or points of your ideas before star writing your articles.
  3. You should arrange your all points and paragraphs in systematic order so that make your article too attractive.
  4. Do not increase burden of your articles by using redundant quotation which show lack of expression of your articles.
  5. A writer need to use simple language in articles as well as sentence should be short and terse.
  6. Avoid using high as well as unsure sounded words or sentences in your articles.
  7. You conclusion explains short summery of your articles.
  8. Conclusion should be balanced and neither is short nor too lengthy.
  9. A competitor should try to write beautiful and legible handwriting that help to clear your thought.
  10. At last you must revise your articles at least one time to improve or correct your mistakes. 

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