Top 5 New Year resolutions to change life style

The New Year is slowly nearing, many of us are indulging in retrospection  for a better life styles with positive attitude. New Year resolutions are the perfect opportunity for everyone who has failed to start making the changes in their life. This is because resolution is a written motion of our thought which is adopted by a deliberative body.

What is New Year resolution?

A New Year resolution is a decision of any person according situation to do or not do something to achieve a personal goal, success or break any bad habit. For Example Adults or unhealthy person who are in cage of various disease often make New Year’s resolutions to become a healthy person , lose weight or exercise more.

Facts of New Year resolutions

Surprisingly to know that about 75% of New Year resolutions will be continued with energetic mood through the entire first or second week of January. According to University of Scranton only about 45% of resolutions make it past six months while 38% of people got success to achieve their resolution each year including only 14% of adult over 50 years of age will achieve theirs resolution.
New Year resolution

If you are looking for effective or simple ways of changing your life with the help of New Year’s resolution, then you will be sure to find useful information here to make a perfect New Year resolutions.

1.     Spend less time on social media:

Nowadays a day every person spends about 45 minutes of their precious time in social media like twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook etc. Social media has become a serious addiction specially teenager among a wide range of demographics. It may be a fine to stay in touch with classmates, friends and family, but if you are spending more time on social media or social networking sites, it may dangerous for your better future. So, you can take a powerful decision to reduce time on social networking sites as New Year resolutions. 
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2.    Pickup useful skills or hobbies: Hobby and skill both are the essential quality of human being to get successes. Hobby and skill both help us to better use of our free time in a constructive manner and pick up new skills for your future. These types of New Year resolutions helps go increase your interested in your hobbies. No matter if you are interested in communication skills or game and sports,

3.     Start saving money for future: In this economical world money is too important for everyone. We cannot live a happiest life style in the absence of money. It is a golden time to take decision for start putting some money aside. Your small saving helps you on a rainy or rainier day, or for your retirement. If you are putting some money on your bank each month over the long run. you have a big cash on your pinch or having your retirement as you want

4.     Reduce your stress: Stress is one of the biggest killers of your success. It reduces our achievement, relationships, money as well as your health. In today’s fast paced life, stress is considered to be the major problem of our hectic modern lifestyles, but we can reduce our stress with the help of confidence, positive thought and learn tricks for stress management.

5.     Increase your confident and take some chances: If you have confidence then you can easier achieve your goal of life to have your opinions heard. A good dose of self-confidence helps you on best ways to boost your confidence. You should understand about to be confident that attempts to remove cloud from your mind.

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