How to write the best killer resume for interview

Resume is the mirror of your educational face including your interest, experience and hobbies. Nowadays Resume plays important roles to getting a job in any company. This is because; it displays the timeline of any applicants. If you want to start a right career or job based on your hobbies then your resume must be effective.
The main purpose of effective resume to impress the employer through interview for reflects your competency for the position and help to crack your interview. Now we learn Tips to write an effective resume to start a good career option
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Start-up with Personal details

You should start to write resume from your full name, contact address, contact numbers and valid email id and paste your recent photographs if require. Never try to mention invalid personal detail like name of big city to impress employer
Arrange Qualification and experience in sequence order
You need to start writing your educational qualification from lower degree to higher degree then experience such as you may start to start from secondary to higher qualification. This is because; your qualifications should reflect your efficiency to work without supervision.
Proper orders of Special skills and hobbies
Both skills and hobbies may attract employer on your resume. For example if you have know of foreign languages, computer, team working, problem solving, management skills etc which help you in standing out from the crowd. Similarly your interested and hobby create a friendly environment to you in interviewer or employers
Formatting and spacing of resume
You have good knowledge on how to write  but lack in selecting font styles font sizes, color for resume, poor print preview then it can distract employer and your resumes have proper spacing in between the sentences. You should focus on formatting and spacing similar as other selections of resume
Finally, there are no long lists or shortcut to write resume but your resume should targeted on the specific job post or positions you are applying for, and try to write your resume in simple language with error free
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