How to add perfect keyword in your blogs or websites

Best SEO tool of blogs or website to increase traffics is adding perfect keywords on your post. A blogger uses many SEO tools on postsbut a great way through which you can add responses and attention from people over search engine is through writing and adding keywords into it properly. It is a type of art that you need to perform according to the resources you made for writing a particular article. Keywords and blogs or websites that are written on a topic are optimized for a specific word or phrase that visitors use frequently while searching. Now I am going to explain how to add SEO based keywords
add perfect keyword in your blogs or websites
Relevant to your posts 

Just through an instance, if your website is selling products related to households then you want to write the content related to selecting household products and benefits of purchasing household products as well. There are different keywords related to it like “Benefits of household items purchase” are optimized and if your website is based on SEO tricks then “Benefits of interlinking” are optimized

                                        Use Keyword Planners

There are few ways through which you can surely get the benefits of optimizing SEOkeywords for your blogs or websites what you are going to write. Once you are going to write an article on your website, pick up one specific keyword on which you are going to write. It requires some research on what visitors will type as a keyword to search for the related contents over search engines. There are different tools available and through which you can manage to get words which a person needs to write like Google Keyword Planner tool, Google Search and Traffic Travis.

                                       Target your audience

Do not try to go for words or phrases which are mostly used by the people instead try to look for phrases which are used often but they are related to search which a person makes and content which you are going to write. In this way it would be easier for you to target your customers towards your contents and this will increase the traffic of targeted audience to your contents.

                                          Use natural keyword

Also, it is important that you should not force your keywords into the posts .because they will not look natural and they will make no sense to the reader. Obviously it is important for you to use those keywords in your article but it is also important to use it where they are required. The main focus of your should be to create an article that will boos up the reader about the information you want to provide and it should spark their mind too.

                               Submit perfect Directories 

You can also try not to submit your keyword optimized article over article directories. Since submitting your article to article directories will land you with more traffic, to avoid creating extra competition to the keyword or phrase which you had chosen, it is important that you should not include your keyword.    

While Start writing the blogs or websites and add different keywords to it and post in on your website and within a few weeks, you will observe that you will receive some traffic from search engines. Making it as a habit to come up with some blogs or websites every month or even week will surely drive more visitors to the website and potential customers will get attracted to products and services that you are providing.   
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