First word that comes to mind when you start writing

Do you like writing then what is the First word that comes to mind when we start writing?
I think, it depends on your interest and background. But it is fact your writing skill explain your personality so you should focus on your words.

What is writing?

It is passion to some people or some people write it as a profession. However, if you are a writer and if you need to write anything, it is very important for you to understand that what sort of article or topic you need to write. Also, as a part of profession, a person gets training of this thing as well. Let us understand that what is a best way to write and what are the methods through which writing can get perfection.

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Thoughts are very important when it comes to write any articles. You need to think hard and something creative which could add value to your article. Just for instance if you are talking about nature, it should deal with whether, flowers, mountains or others but it should depicts nature so close that a reader can lost into the other world. However, if you are a beginner, it is very important for you to understand that you need to check the other professional writers’ articles so that you can come to know that what sort of writing you need to do.  
Although, a good writing is based on perception and thoughts that you have but it also comes with great writing styles. Writing near to the topic and using correct grammar and style is very important when it comes to make the article a perfect one. You can read any sort of book, novel, short stories or anything and everything is based on correct language and style as well. Initially, these all things make an article personified.
When you are start writing anything, think twice on what you need to write and if that content is appropriate as well. Being a genuine writer, you also need to check if you have that thought provoking idea that the reader can feel it while reading it. 
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Writing is a very typical profession and being a writer, it is very hard to think for the first word with which an attractive writing begins. For a news editor too, it is a mind boggling thought to catch a title or a word that could engage a reader with his story. However, reading a book or getting some information about what you are about to write will surely give you some options to think about the first word.
To become a successful writer, try to capture all the facts and figures with which you can take out the first word. Few stories are common to begin but yes it is very hard to think for those stories which are difficult or out of the world. Gaining ideas and inspiration is very important and also it is important to get the better impact of your writing.  
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