Develop your career in Cloud computing a new career option

Are you studious your graduation and want to a bright career in computing fields? It may be helpful for your careers. We all are already introduced many new options of careers. Cloud computing is one of them. According to Wikipedia, A Cloud computing is a special type of computing that sharing computing resources among server and applications.
Clareer in cloud computing , scope of cloud computing
Cloud Computing
Cloud computing helps to hand million resources of information technology and managing data and storage on internet. As the view of marketing report every year will be open million jobs in clouding field. It is not only for increase employee, also helps to reduce our cost of maintaining software and hardware for storing data on internet.
Eligibility and coverage knowledge for cloud computing
No doubt! Cloud computing provides bright career option. It has various ways to enter in this area. But many companies give priorities to higher qualification and deep practical knowledge. If you are interested then you can join cloud computing institution like NIIT, APTECH, and IBM. But companies always prefer bachelor and master degree courses. Common coverage knowledge for this field as given below
Technical Skills – Knowledge of HTML, VMWare, OOPS like Java, C++, .Net , having knowledge of database, data mining, ERP system etc.
Certifications for cloud computing
The major cloud computing certifications are given here:
1.      EMC Cloud Architect
2.      VMware Cloud Certification
3.      Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge
4.      EMC Cloud Infrastructure and Services Certification
5.      IBM Certified Solution Architect
6.      Hp Expert ONE Cloud certification
7.      EMC Virtualized Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure Certification
Top programs of cloud computing have associated here
1.      IBM Certified Solution Advisor,
2.      Cloud computing architecture,
3.      IBM Certified Solution Architect,
4.      Cloud computing infrastructure,
5.      cloud certified professionals,
Career opportunities in this field
Cloud computing is a new and bright option. Many learners are enrolling in this field everyday. This field has many national and international requirements and the demand of professional cloud computing is increasing. So it is good for your careers. It has following area to requirements
    Project Manager
    Business Analyst
    Software Engineering cloud computing
    Cloud Network Architect/Planner
    Product Manager of cloud device
    Systems Engineer Administrator and Network Engineer
Salary Package
The most important factor of this field is pay scale.  When you enter in this field your salary will be start from 1, 00,000 and it may increase according you your knowledge on subject.

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