Career in Knowledge process outsourcing and Business process outsourcing

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and/ KPO (knowledge process outsourcing) industries have open up various opportunities for youth. BPO and KPO are a great place where younger found thousands of jobs. It does not only provide good jobs but also provided a good scale and opportunity to work in a national and international environment. Let`s put point out the nature of jobs in BPO / KPO. These companies have various resources of work to data entry, Medical Transcription, Content Writing, HR etc. These companies also invite for technical sectors like web developers, engineering works.

The phased process to enter in KPO / BPO world

Every Guide needs little special qualification such as teacher needs training while choreographers need creativity but BPO / KPO works do not need heavy qualification. If you are completed your course from school or college than you can find a job in these sectors. Basic career starts in these sectors from 12th but higher qualification prefer good jobs. If you have extra talents like good communication, customers handling capabilities then you can easily improve your position. The candidate of technical sectors also works on in IT Technical, v, engineering etc.


Clear your Debut 

A student who has just completed education and looking part-time jobs then BPO/KPO is the best options for them. It helps to courage your confidence and dignity.

Why the right career option for me

Yes, it is the right career option. It provides an environment and gets experience for how to handle the situation. KPO and BPO work also helps to develop our skills such as communication skillss.

Employment Opportunities in these fields

BPO and KPO have a vast area; it has no limitation of country. You can work in all countries like U.S., UK etc. Sometimes the job opportunities depend on our experience and knowledge. these opportunity helps to reduce fears in our mind

Pay scale for employees.

The pay scale in BPO and KPO employee are mostly starting from 7,000 to 20,000 INR monthly. It has not fixed salaries. Salary package may be increased more. If you are working in aboard the company’s salary package may be the difference from domestic companies.

Positive and Negative Aspects in KPO/BPO

Most of the employees got first opportunity in these sectors while some people left jobs for low salaries.
It gives platforms for start your career whereas it may be for short time
The payment scale flexing according to time and companies ` turnover.



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