Career in E Commerce the biggest career option in digital world

Are you interest to make you career in glamour world like career in E commerce and their value in market? I am giving a short definition of E Commerce.

What is E Commerce?

E-commerce is an awesome and dynamic work place. It provides an environment of globalization in each field of business like product promoting supply chain management, profit management and relationshipCareer in E Commerce of customers with companies

Few days ago, we have heard about Big Million day which is organized by Flipkart, one of biggest E-commerce industries.  It is not only single company of E-Commerce world. We have many examples such as Amazon; Snapdeal etc. These companies are introducing new opportunities of jobs in these fields.

Features of career in E Commerce

According to a survey the turnover of e-commerce industry is nearly $ 12 billion that may be increase up to $ 75 billion at 2025. it also explained that 34 % of global market coverage by eBay and Amazon, Flipkart. It is the start-up of E-Commerce. NASSCOM present that about 4% of total GDP expected by E-Commerce at 2020.

Eligibility for making career in E commerce 

There are no special qualifications to become expert in E-Commerce. This field is getting opportunity for all people as technical and non-technical people who want to join the chain of E-Commerce. Most important to start-up career option in E-commerce is a strong team. No one can do anything alone. Good and strong knowledge of digital electronic. CEC Certified E-Commerce gets priority in this field. Detail information for requirement of E-Commerce Certificate.  A person who wants to makes career in this field need to following characters.
  • Focus on Customer Relation
  • Be Clear Vision
  • Future Plan
  • Measurement of two products
  • Learned to Implement
  • Good Communication Skill 
Areas of requirements and designation in this field 
 Team Product Manager,
Desktop Manager,
 Quality Assurance,
 Technical Experts 
Search engine optimizer 
Non-IT managers 
Web developer/designer
Web editor 
Online sales/e-commerce 
IT support  
Graphic designer
Best Educational institution for E Commerce.
E-Commerce is the combination of economic principles with software application. I also use Internet to create business environment or opportunities. Many institution offer under Graduation and post Graduation in E-commerce. I am going to post a list of top institutions that provides programs in e-commerce.  
 Seattle University in Seattle, WA  
University of Scranton in Scranton, PA
Towson University in Towson, MD 
E-Commerce Online Programs 
 DePaul University 
 Pace University

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