Career guidance after 12th Arts (Commerce , Science) Admission Process , Job Opportunities

After the results of the 12th, a large numbers of students have tension to choose a career option.
Here we will clear discusses on Career guidance after 12th . Do you want to join an Academic course or a professorship course? Which are the highest possibilities in the course? Which career option can give a new direction to the career? These are all the questions which keep the students in the mind.
In this article I am trying to give you the answers to all those questions, it helps to reduce the tension of the students
 If you talk about topics in general streams such as art or humanities, then there is no need to be frustrated with the students associated with art or humanities stream because the art sector has infinite possibilities. So I tell you which options are the Best for you.

Now we see about few courses Career guidance after 12th

Bachelor in Journalism

In the field of journalism, careers can be made after 12th. Not only the arts, but the students of the other stream can also make a future in this line. Many major universities and institutes conduct courses related to journalism. The medium of study for Bachelor in Journalism is both Hindi and English languages. After doing Bachelor in Journalism, you can get a job in any news channel, newsletters, newspapers, news agency, and media house.

Top career options for student of new generation

Bachelor in Humanity and Social Science

This degree course can be done after 12th. Many institutions take admission through Entrance examinations like Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune.

 BA in Arts

This degree course is for studying courses in art. The special thing of this course is that not just students of arts, but students of science and commerce are also eligible for this course.

 Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) is a bachelor’s degree in the field of Fine Arts, Visual Arts and Performing Arts. These courses are done in many colleges of Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad.

Bachelor of Design (animation)

Bachelor of Design is a degree course for becoming an animator. Through this course, You will able to learn 2D / 3D animation, animation film making, graphic / web design, audio and video editing, visual effects is given.
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Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws is a law course. The BA LLB program in Indian Universities and Colleges is of about 5 years.
Bachelor of Science (Hospitality and Travel) and you can take admission through entrance examination

 Teacher Training courses

 After 12th, teacher training courses such as Integrate B.Ed., Bachelor of Physical Education (BPED), B. El. Ed. (Bachelor of Primary Education) or D. El. Ed. (Diploma in Primary Education) , Nursery level teacher training courses are also present in India, After complete this course you are eligible to become teacher in recognized state or national level schools.

Bachelor of Science (Hospitality and Travel)

It is a very popular course among students at the present time. Any stream student can take admission in this course after complete 12th. Many government and private educational institutions provide the course of BHM i.e. Bachelor in Hospitality and Travel Management.
If you have not yet decided your goal then this information can prove to be very beneficial for you.
I hope that you will like my opinion about Career guidance after 12th. You can join more and more courses in this list. It will continue

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Shane Lowney

Shane Lowney

Thanks, for sharing this informative post with us. Medicine is the best option for medical students. If any medical students wants to join medical college for MD Degree or Basic science program then visit Caribbean Medical University. Universities like All Saints University offer direct admissions to medical students.



Thanks for sharing informative article. India is well known country for education. Many well educated people working at higher positions in foreign countries. Indian education system has mainly three parts. 10th, 12th and after 12th education. BA,, B.Sc are most common program. Engineering, Pharmacy,Law and Doctors are considered as most professional and higher level programs. In Indian bother government and private universities providing best industry oriented programs to their students.



really liked the content



Great article, the information provided to us. Thank you