8 common tips to prepare IIT-JEE Examination

Are you preparing IIT- JEE after completed or appear your higher secondary examination? If yes, when you think about writing an exam, usually, there would be two things coming to your mind, either you want to do well or you don’t want to go to write the exam as you are not ready for it. There are some tips you can follow to get through the exam in a smooth way, especially, when it comes to the IIT-JEE
 Tips to follow to get through with the IIT – JEE:
Complete the syllabus:
The related syllabus could be completed with the required effort put in. You could not skip any of them saying that you are not interested in the subject. You can complete your syllabus with interest and various ways.
Plan out the study:
If you feel that you could complete the subject within a specified time, you could complete the same within that time by planning the study. First and foremost, do a little meditation before starting to study so that you get your mind ready for it. So, you need to manage your time during the examination as your plan?
Finish the tough and boring subjects:
You would have some of the subjects that would be tough from your point of view and might create boredom while studying. This happens because; you do not have interest in it. In such a case, try writing instead of reading as that will interest you more. This practice is not applicable for the last-minute study. Hence, start it early, may half a year before the exam.
 Look into the previous question papers:
Practice makes you perfect. In this sense, solve the previous question papers. In this regard take guidance of the teachers so that you do not miss out on any of the questions.
Be away for some time from full-fledged party:
There would be a lot of occasions which would induce you to deviate from the preparation, especially, partying with friends, watching a movie, going out for a troll etc. You could do all that once you are done with your exams as there will be ample of time for that and you could do it wholeheartedly. Now it is the time to concentrate on the studies and write the exam perfectly.
Have confidence in yourself:
Being confidentabout yourself makes you a half winner. It will also help you to prove the best. Get adjusted to the time-frame by writing a mock test so that you are not nervous on finishing the paper.
Standard study pattern:
Finish one subject at a time and make sure that you thoroughly know it. This is possible through practicing studying every day. Decide the pages which could be completed within the time specified as it is a time-based exam
Refer one book:
Take the advice from your teacher in choosing the author of the book that you want to refer. This will avoid the rush through different books, and you end up reading only one with utmost concentration.
The IIT-JEE exam is not tough, it is one of the best career options, but surely needs a planning. With a planned set up of study you could achieve what you want to. Of course, a lot of dedication and hard work needs to be put into it which goes without saying.
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