5 Top reasons to choose blogging as career option in part or full time

Are you a student, housewife, employee of any company?, and searching a part time career option for your spare time to fulfill your extra recruitment like popularity, hobby, money, etc.then blogging is one of the best option for you. But, it is a big question why blogging?
I prefer blogging for various reasons. Before elaboratingthe reasons of selecting blogging, we should learn to know about what is Blogging.
Blogging is a part of presenting or sharing your knowledge with others through digital content in the world of internet and it returns good results to bloggers. We have many examples of
people who get success on this field without left their actual works.
Now, I am explaining the reasons of choose blogging as career
Low Budget or Free of cost
A person who want to start any part time business , they invest huge amount of money into capital , land , advertisement  etc but a blogger can start blogging free of cost such as BlogSpot , WordPress, tumbler etc. only need to invest on  internet charge , domain and hosting which is too low than investment of other business.
Share your knowledge
It is truth that knowledge is power, if you have good knowledge than you can get success in life. Blogging provides an awesome platform to share your knowledge on the front of world. For example you are a good content writer then you can share you knowledge like how to write good articles. A psychologist can share how to improve thinking capability while a management guru can share howto manage time.
Use your free time or less time to maintenance
It takes less time to maintenance than alternative options of part time works. We have been seeing that lots of famous bloggers spend only weekend or holidays and earn millions of dollar. You may be one of them, blogging platform provides many tools to support blogging or reduce your time of maintenance
Help to improve your skills
The power of expression through writing, speaking and blogging is the matter of skill rather than if knowledge. The development of skills depends on your free or organized conversation. Blogging helps you to improve your writing  skill, understanding power and capacity of thinking
Create a helpful environment

Through the blogging you can help many learner or needy persons. Everyday millions of people are searching solutions of their problems like how to crack interview, how to prepare all subjects etc in internet. In this view your blog may be create a helpful environment and comments of your blogs can help solution seekers to satisfied
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